Monday, February 8, 2016

Death Has No Hold ~ Free Kindle Book

Death Has No Hold has very good reviews and , at the time of this posting, the kindle edition was free.

 Being queen of Teylia Island did not satisfy Lucienda Vaneesia Lamont's lust for power and glory. She took pride in controlling and manipulating lives. Anyone who opposed her was punished. Four individuals in particular were the primary recipients of her wrath - her oldest daughter, Natalie, who became a Christian, married a commoner and turned her back on her mother and the throne - her - daughter's husband, Edward who influenced Natalie's decisions, Will Malroy, the father of her two children and Gillis Tavish Rouseau, Lucienda's husband.

"Not only did she pour her wrath upon them while she lived, but set things in order to torment them after she was dead and gone. She seemed to have tentacles that could reach from the grave."

Had she and her god not proven their superiority to the God of her daughter and her husband in succeeding to take their lives while they lived and in death forever? Or was there something she had not figured on, something that could use her own accomplishments against her?

Could death seal the fates of her victims or did death itself have no hold?


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