Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kill Zone (Special Abilities Team Book 1) ~ Free Kindle Book

Kill Zone (Special Abilities Team Book 1) was free kindle book at the time of this posting .. Make sure to check out the price before buying.

 The wife of a biological warfare expert, murdered. Her husband, accused of killing her. Her intelligence operative brother-in-law, the target of assassins determined to hide the truth. All battle a formidable enemy adept at infiltrating the highest levels with body doubles. What is the Secretary of Defense to do?

He has only one choice: To activate the S.A.T.—Special Abilities Team.

Commander Sally Drake’s Secret Assignment Security Specialists return with a new team of operatives—all armed with special abilities…

Dr. Morgan Cabot heads the S.A.T. team and is ordered to interdict Captain Jackson Stern, the brother-in-law of the victim and brother of the accused killer—or his body double—and to determine which he is before he leaves international waters. Morgan must positively identify him and determine how the team’s enemy and feared adversary, Thomas Kunz, connects to this homicide case. Who killed Laura Stern, and why? Is her husband guilty, or had he been framed? And has classified intelligence on biological warfare been compromised, national security been breached? Who and what is the ultimate target?

Morgan’s special abilities have made her an outsider most of her life. She’s accustomed to skeptics; being highly intuitive has wrecked her every personal relationship and many professional ones. She’s prepared to face the challenges on this case. But she is not prepared to face Captain Jackson Stern. He matters. His opinion of her matters, and, depending on her findings and how this case resolves, he has a lot to lose.

Murder. Power. Resolve. Facing steep challenges from her allies and enemies, Morgan expects their worst, including being targeted for assassination. But not until she interdicts the secretive captain does she realize that to find her answers and accomplish her mission, she must risk her life and her heart.

“Kill Zone combines romantic suspense, military technothrillers, and paranormal elements to great effect.” --Jeff Ayers,Author Magazine


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